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  • How do I submit files/info for my order?
    The most efficient way is to email your order confirmation # to along with all order specifics, files, examples, ideas, etc.
  • How can I cancel or modify my order?
    Once an order is placed, it immediately goes into production to ensure prompt delivery. Therefore, we are unable to accept cancellations or modifications after the order has been submitted. Please review your design and order details carefully before finalizing.
  • Can I provide my own garments?
    Yes, we strongly recommend to provide extra garments for machine and human error. We also need to run test print on materials of garments.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Shipping times vary depending on your location, but our standard shipping times on all orders are 3-6 business days.
  • What if I made a mistake in my shipping address?
    If you made a mistake in your shipping address, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible. If your order hasn't been shipped yet, we may be able to update the address for you. However, if the order has already been shipped, we cannot guarantee any changes.
  • Why can’t I send a screenshot, Do I have to type out my information?
    YES, you have to type out all content are designs using. Our designers only copy and past the information giving to us. We do not check for grammar or punctuation issues.
  • What is a Design Digitizing Fee?
    Embroidery Digitizing is the process where we take your logo/text and create actual stitch pathway for the machines needle to use to sew. This is not the same as having a vector file or PNG file. Completely different process involved.
  • What can't you embroider on?
    Over any zippers or metal accessories.
  • Why is embroidery usually more expensive?
    Cost can likely be the biggest concern when considering embroidery. One thing to keep in mind is that neither embroidery or screen printing will always be cheaper. Which one is more cost-effective will depend on many factors such as the complexity of the design, location of work, and of course the size and quantity desired. If you are working with a specific budget, let us know! We would be more than happy to make recommendations for options that may work best for you.
  • What do i need to provide for my embroidery order?
    Simply send us your artwork (.al or .pdf file) and we will convert it to the proper file for machines to use. Think of embroidery as a special application that loves simplicity in designs. Upon receiving your art, we will approve it or notify you if any changes are recommended. Otherwise, you'll be all set!
  • Can I customize the jacket with my own design?
    Yes, our custom varsity jackets are 100% customizable, so you can upload your own design or use our design tool to create a unique look.
  • What material is used for the sleeves on the varsity Jackets?
    Our varsity jacket sleeves are made with real leather for a durable and luxurious feel.
  • How large can you sew on a hat?
    Center Front is 5.5 x 2 high. Offset front panel is 2.75x2. In theory though we can sew 270 degrees on a hat without taking it off the machine, (roughly ear to ear).
  • Do you have a maximum stitch limit?
    No, some of our jacket designs are 150,000 stitches for the back side only.
  • Can you do "Puff/Raised" Embroidery?
    Yes, sure can at additional cost. Note though not all logos will work for this, its better if you have a logo with wider lettering/graphics. Thin lettering or too large of a filled area does not turn out well.
  • Is there a limit on thread colors per design?
    Yes, 15 colors is the max we will do per design.
  • What is Direct-to-Film Printing?
    Direct-to-film printing is a process where ink is directly applied onto a film substrate without the need for paper or other transfer mediums. The process is used mostly in screen printing and allows for high-quality prints with sharp details.
  • Whats your minimum for fold/bag service?
    100 Pcs
  • Whats your minimum for custom hang tags?
    For custom hang tags, 200 pcs
  • What types of bags do you use for your fold/bag service?
    We use clear poly bags that have a adhesive closure for garments
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